Essays On Indigenous Religions

Indeed, we call the earth Etenoha, our mother from whence all life springs.” Indigenous people are not the only people who understand the interconnectedness of all living things.There are many thousands of people from different ethnic groups who care deeply about the environment and fight every day to protect the earth.Despite these differences, Indigenous Peoples across the globe share some common values derived in part from an understanding that their lives are part of and inseparable from the natural world.

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It is really quite miraculous that a sense of sharing and reciprocity continues into the 21st century given the staggering amount of adversity Indigenous Peoples have faced.

In many communities, the most respected people are not those who have amassed great material wealth or achieved great personal success.

They are talking about future generations of plants, animals, water, and all living things.

Pauline and Carrie understand the relative insignificance of human beings in the totality of the planet.

The stories are shockingly similar all over the world.

When I read Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, which chronicled the systematic destruction of an African tribe’s social, cultural, and economic structure, it sounded all too familiar: take the land, discredit the leaders, ridicule the traditional healers, and send the children off to distant boarding schools.

Aside from a different view of their relationship to the natural world, many of the world’s Indigenous Peoples also share a fragmented but still-present sense of responsibility for one another.

Cooperation always has been necessary for the survival of tribal people, and even today cooperation takes precedence over competition in more traditional communities.

The most basic rights of Indigenous Peoples were disregarded, and they were subjected to a series of policies that were designed to dispossess them of their land and resources and assimilate them into colonial society and culture.

Too often the policies resulted in poverty, high infant mortality, rampant unemployment, and substance abuse, with all its attendant problems.


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