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The three elements of a body paragraph are the topic sentence which restates the first of the writer's key ideas.

This is followed by a number of sentences that support and illustrate the main point with examples from the writer's own knowledge and experience or form his or her research into the topic.

This may be as simple as a single sentence or may involve as many as five or six sentences.

The important thing is to be sure you have included all of the details and support necessary for your reader to accept your original thesis.

The third element is a clearly worded sentence that expresses what the writer wants his or her reader to gain from the paragraph as a whole.

For a multiple paragraph essay of three or more paragraphs, the introduction is presented in the first paragraph starting with a well thought out attention getting sentence that will draw the reader into the writer's topic.The second element will include from two to five sentences, or even more, of background information that links the writer's topic to his or her thesis statement. The third element is a thesis statement that may or may not include the writer's controlling idea or ideas.These controlling ideas are the key points the writer intends to develop in the body of the essay.Examine your evidence and collected sources to find the answer to that essential question.The introduction does not have to take more than one-third of the entire essay. If you have an abstract, do not confuse it with the last paragraph. Sometimes readers are also interested in how the author wrote the essay. Your paper does not have to look like some kind of instructions, but it should give hints to how you discovered each fact to serve as evidence. When we talk about the research paper, this section is titled Methodology: student explains which tools and techniques were used to find the necessary evidence or solutions.All academic writing can be presented effectively by following the rule of three.In a single paragraph, one needs three development elements: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.E.g., a counterargument may be presented as a free-standing section.It may be recalled in the beginning or closer to the ending paragraph of your essay. Not to get lost when writing your essay, it is better to come up with a clear outline or table of contents.In the case of a one paragraph writing, the introduction is often the thesis statement, although some writers may prefer to have a hook, an attention getting sentence prior to the thesis, but both are part of the essential first element, the introduction.The second element is the body of the paragraph, those sentences that develop the idea stated in the thesis.


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