Essays That Generate Support For Constitutional Ratification

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On April 26, 1788 the Maryland convention approved the Constitution, 63 to 11.A month later South Carolina ratified 149 to 73, and proposed amendments.

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Although Pennsylvania began debating the Constitution at its ratifying convention on November 21, 1787, before any of the other states, its debates went on until December 15.

This record is not only a national treasure, it is a world treasure.

Pauline Maier, in her magisterial book on ratification, knows only too well the value of this documentary trove.

On June 25, Virginia ratified, 89 to 79, and proposed amendments.

On July 26, New York ratified by the close vote of 30 to 27, and proposed amendments along with circular letters to the other states calling for a convention to consider the amendments.


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