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Below are some examples of literature reviews written by ACAP students.Use these to gain an understanding of the generic structure and language used when writing your own literature reviews.

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Keep in mind that you'll need to add transitions between paragraphs and more detail about the content of each source.

If you still have questions after reading our sample review, don't hesitate to contact our academic editors.

He paints the famed Jacobin as a man of intense passion, writing that "the sincerity with which Robespierre held his opinions, the intense concentration on their detail, marked him out" (Fife 2004, 37).

Fife's characterization of Robespierre is pertinent to my thesis, since it describes his political machinations in detail.

Commentary: As in the section on the previous source, this section of the sample literature review comments on the content and quality of Popkin's work.

Unfortunately, his article does not contain much information that is pertinent to our thesis, so we have noted this in our analysis.Student Examples There isn't one ideal type of literature review and you may need to employ a range of methods and provide reasons for your choices depending on the research area, problem and methodology.Aveyard (2014) describes a number of ways to approach writing a literature review.Commentary: In this part of our literature review template, we introduce the first source and briefly discuss its content.We provide a direct quotation that clearly illustrates the author's opinion of Robespierre.Given the vast amount of information available and the varying quality of research conducted in and around EBP, the need for systematic reviews has emerged in order to provide a way to collect, analyse and draw conclusions, particularly about a field where the research may indicate inconsistencies or contradictory findings.While you cannot use systematic reviews as a part of the research for your literature reviews, they are extremely valuable sources of information and an essential guide to best practice for professionals.The Reign of Terror, which occurred between 17, was the most brutal phase of the French Revolution.It was during this time that the guillotine was introduced and Maximilien Robespierre rose to power.In , Linda and Marsha Frey present a detailed chronology of the political conflict involved in the Revolution.While their work is broader in scope than Fife's, they include an entire chapter dedicated to the Reign of Terror.


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