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Some people draw a design on the page and see what words turn up in the openings and gaps. 1) Choose an emotion - it's up to you how you choose it.2) Using the first 6 chapters, find single or sections of words that match your choosen emotion.3) Type your found poem on a seperate piece of paper - please turn in your working pages as well.This article was co-authored by Christopher Taylor, Ph D.

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The original text can come from sources such as newspaper articles, road signs, speeches, graffiti and even other poems.

One Friday in late April, I set out simply to survive what I expected to be a difficult afternoon in my eighth grade language arts class.

Most of my students come from lower- and middle-income families; they are a racially and ethnically mixed group.

On average, they read at about the sixth grade level, and few have had much experience in writing, coming from classrooms where comprehension-heavy worksheets are the norm.

Using my model and ideas from our discussion, the students went to work on their own poems.

I revised, then modeled my revision; the students, many eagerly working together, developed their own revisions.Other classes were showing videos, having impromptu parties, playing games, or generally engaging in activities that seemed of little educational value.Each day the students asked what I was planning for the two fifty-six-minute periods of "free time" on Friday.After a brief discussion of the text, we shared our lists of words and phrases and made a class list on an overhead transparency. When students returned, I modeled my poem on the overhead projector.We discussed my poem, and the students asked questions and suggested changes. 3 Date: 2004 Summary: Hundley explains how he uses what could have been a throwaway day to help his students create "found poems," showing how a collaborative, student-centered learning environment promotes success.I teach in a medium-sized town in the geographical and farming center of California, the San Joaquin Valley.They are able to manipulate a pool of language that isn't their own. Then he describes how a mother baboon and her baby emerge from the forest.In skeleton form, my lesson plan went like this: I read to my students—as they followed along—the story "The Battle by the Breadfruit Tree," a nonfiction first-person narrative by Theodore Waldeck. Suddenly, a hungry leopard appears and viciously attacks them.Near the end of class, several students read their poems aloud. My lesson plan worked on this difficult day for several reasons: I read a high-interest, action-filled, descriptive text aloud to my students.Since my primary objective was to guide students on the road to creating their found poems, I took responsibility for reading the text.


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