Gang Violence Thesis

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Me wanting a gang member to have a different life would never be the same as that gang member wanting to have one. We are not speaking, but he knows I am in the room with him.

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this past February, the inmates in the B Yard of Pelican Bay State Prison filed out of their cellblock a few at a time and let a cool, salty breeze blow across their bodies.

Once each gang has achieved a critical mass—about five men—it sends off a pair of scouts.

Two of the Hispanics at the original concrete picnic table begin a long, winding stroll.

With the possible exception of North Korea, the United States has a higher incarceration rate than any other nation, at one in 108 adults.

(The national rate rose for 30 years before peaking, in 2008, at one in 99.

Once inspected, they dress and walk out into the yard to fill their lungs with oxygen after a long night in the stagnant air of the cellblock.

The first Hispanic inmate to put his clothes on walks about 50 yards to a concrete picnic table, sits down, and waits.

He was there one month when his younger brother Erick did something gang members never do. Gang members are much more inclined to walk into enemy turf and hope to die than to pull the trigger themselves. “I like how recovery feels.” and once in the car, he launches in. Louie tells me that he knows that only he can turn the light switch on.

“I had a dream last night—and you were in it.” In the dream, he tells me, the two of us are in a darkened room. He expresses his gratitude that I happen to have a flashlight.


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