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Monitoring soil pyhsical properties and geomorphological change using UAV-based remote sensing and photogrammetry.2.

Monitoring soil pyhsical properties and geomorphological change using UAV-based remote sensing and photogrammetry.2.Object-based gemomorphological mapping and landscape evolution modelling using airborne Li DAR data. Rule Set Transferability for Object-Based Feature Extraction: An Example for Cirque Mapping.A lightweight hyperspectral mapping system and photogrammetric processing chain for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters 10 (6), 1587-1591 , Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W., 2009. Selected conference proceedings papers/abstracts , Smith MJ, Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W, 2011.

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ASPRS Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 81(6), 507-514.

Suomalainen, J, , Iqbal S, Roerink G, Franke J, Wenting P, Hunniger D, Bartholomeus H, Becker R, Kooistra L, 2014. Geomorphological change detection using object-based feature extraction from multi-temporal Li DAR data. Geomorphological Mapping: a professional handbook of techniques and applications, Developments in Earth Surface Processes, Elsevier, 297-335.

Persistent dune development begins with the establishment of vegetation on the beach: the vegetation traps the wind-blown sand, forming an embryo dune.

Over time an embryo dune can develop into a bigger foredune, increasing coastal safety.

Our aim is to advance research collaborations among departments to develop cross-disciplinary projects that focus on climate change.

Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating beach ridge sediments is one method for resolving barrier island growth at intermediate scales (decades-centuries), information that is lacking for Louisiana.

This research combines OSL, GPR, aerial imagery, and cores to document temporal and spatial evolution of a Louisiana barrier island.

Grand Isle is composed of beach ridges organized in distinct, unconformable sets that began forming 0.75 ka until 0.575 ka when deposition ceased, the ridges were partially eroded, and deposition resumed in a more eastward direction.

The methods used for this investigation were: making of a geomorphological map, drawing of slope profiles, analyses of the distribution pattern of solution pools, analyses of the density, orientation and type of discontinuities, observations and measurements of the geomorphological characteristics: perpendicular length from shoreline to boulder field or road, surface morphology, hardness, weathering grade, exposure to waves, dip, roughness ratio, presence of honeycombs, furthest distance of salt crystals from the shoreline and the average volume and distance from shoreline of the five assumed, largest boulders of each sector.

The results show that the geomorphology changes along the low rocky coast.


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