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The reader of may be shocked by the way in which the boys' individually and collectively become violent.

They become so unimaginably violent so quickly that it is difficult to understand how sweet boys could be so cruel.

The boys turn on each other, eventually killing Simon in the middle of a hunting dance, and smashing a boulder on Piggy.

The choice of “young English lads” is perfect- if, perhaps, “foreign ruffians” were chosen, a stereotypical person might expect cruel and savage behavior.

While Ralph is elected as the “official” leader of the boys, Jack occupies a leadership role as well, given that it is he who is in charge of procuring food for the boys.

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Yet these two boys clash with one another because they perceive each as a threat to the other's power.This essay prompt requires some imaginative guess work in which you take on the role of the author.Explain what you think happens to the boys—either individually, as a group, or both—when they leave the island.Lord of the Flies opens with the introduction of a small group of English boys that are marooned on an island.The plane was evacuating them from atomic war-ridden England.If appropriate, you may also wish to offer some observations in this essay that make connections between the power dynamics among the boys and the power dynamics that characterize the almost invisible yet critically important backdrop of the novel—the war.Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #4: Devolving Into Violence When one is a member of a relatively stable society, it is fairly simple to declare that one would never engage in the kinds of violence that are observed in unstable societies.For this essay on Lord of the Flies, analyze the society building process using a step-by-step approach.At first, there is so much hope and excitement, but everything quickly falls apart: Why?Be sure to examine the passages around pages 45-50, where it appears that nothing is happening.These lapses of activity are just as important as the violence that will follow them.


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