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The predators faded from the scene, because they were no longer needed; corporate America embraced its inner Gekko.Or as Steven Kaplan of the University of Chicago's business school put it -- approvingly -- in 1998: '' We are all Henry Kravis now.'' The new tough-mindedness was enforced, above all, with executive pay packages that offered princely rewards if stock prices rose.By taking an economical perspective of greed and incentive, one can see how each play a vital role in the free market society.

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Now, distrust of corporations threatens our still-tentative economic recovery; it turns out greed is bad, after all. Washington seems determined to validate the judgment of the quite apolitical Web site of Corporate Governance (, which matter-of-factly remarks, '' Given the power of corporate lobbyists, government control often equates to de facto corporate control anyway.'' Perhaps corporations will reform themselves, but so far they show no signs of changing their ways.

And you have to wonder: Who will save that malfunctioning corporation called the U.

In fact, during the generation that followed World War II the nation's standard of living doubled.

But then, growth faltered -- and the corporate raiders arrived.

The raiders claimed -- usually correctly -- that they could increase profits, and hence stock prices, by inducing companies to get leaner and meaner.

By replacing much of a company's stock with debt, they forced management to shape up or go bankrupt.

Incentives are sometimes rewarding and sometimes unrewarding.

Greed is taught to be a bad quality to children: but is greed really bad?

In order to help make clear the difference of greed and incentives, this paper will discuss a quote from Adam Smith’s book, Wealth of Nations, along with discussing innovation, the difference of acting in one’s self interest and being greedy, and fairness or greed in free market systems.

Greed and incentives are two terms that each play a role in the other.


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