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They're all expected to start unable to read but be reading fluently and writing identical cursive with a fountain pen by 8. Maybe not v helpful but I don’t remember having homework at primary school and now I have 2 degrees from university.I like the suggestion by @Mother Of The Noise about doing it in the morning.Your child will now be reading independently and for a wider range of purposes and developing key maths skills such as multiplication, but it’s still useful to play language and maths games of all kinds.

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Your child may become more aware of signs, notices, posters, newspaper headlines, TV adverts ... This also helps to reinforce why learning to read is so important.

Try some of our fun math games and activities with your child to practise their numeracy skills, build confidence and support what they are learning at school.

Afterwards DD said it was like Kindergarten but you don't have to do as much, the teacher was nice but there wasn't a proper garden ... He's in school (classes) 8.15am til 4.30pm with a 90 minute lunch break. Previously it was ok, with little homework, but it's really ramped up this year. For some unknown reason his handwriting has really gone downhill the past few months leaving to tears of frustration and anger when doing homework. Another school would be a possibility i suppose, but I have no idea if it would be better. My dd is the same age but I think he has plenty of time left in his young life to peak. My kids as a result have got better results as they’ve grown older.

So I'd still say in England children start school between age 5 and 6. Children go from 0 to 60 very quickly when they start school at 7. At 4.30pm a babysitter picks them up, takes them to the park, then home for shower and dinner. Current babysitter is in no way capable of doing homework with him (and lets me down at least once a week but that's another thread! If you have no worries on your child’s intelligence I wouldn’t bother doing it unless he wants to.

Changes in the curriculum have left parents so baffled that they are forking out £40 an hour to hire tutors – for themselves.

UK company Tutor House has set up a service to bring adults up to speed after a survey of 2,500 parents found that more than two thirds struggled to understand their kids’ schoolwork.Almost all said they didn’t understand new terminology and just over a fifth said they regularly helped with their child’s study.In a separate study found that only one in 16 was able to answer basic English, maths and science questions aimed at seven-year-olds. I have threatened to remove screentime and followed through.but often he takes up such a lot of time that he finishes the homework then goes to bed. Changing schools is not really an option, all of them have a lot of homework here (not UK). if he starts yelling that he wants to do it, say calmly 'Ok. No amount of screaming or saying they want to do I don’t back down.The children are evaluated out of 10 at least 5/6 times a week. Is he at school in lessons for 8 hours or at school till lunch or til 3pm and then in childcare?If he doesn't learn how to conjugate his verbs, or his times table, or his spelling, then he won't follow the lessons so well. I think the answer is someone else (teenage babysitter or childcare with supervised homework session) does homework with him earlier.Here are some that are fun and easy which will help with your child’s developing reading and maths skills, spelling and writing – and they won’t even realise! If he's quick about doing his homework he also has time to play before going to bed. You can tell mrs teacher tomorrow that you haven't done it' and leave it at that. If he feels he has a choice, maybe he will be more open to the idea of doing it? Any argument means it goes in the bag and in the car with a note to say Dear X, insert name of child has refused to do their homework - please have my full permission to sanction as appropriate.That's a lot of homework, unless it's mostly reading I would consider if this is the right amount of pressure on a 7 year old (in many countries with highly successful school systems they only start at 7).Mine had an hour a week at primary in many countries with highly successful school systems they only start at 7Why is this always spouted out?


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