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Homework is “extra practice” given to take home to reinforce concepts that they have been learning in class.It is important to note that teachers should always give students time in class under their supervision to complete class work.

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Teachers should consider this information when assigning homework.

While it may not be accurate for every student or assignment, it can serve as a starting point when calculating how much time students need to complete an assignment.

They say it takes away from extra-curricular activities, play time, family time, and also adds unnecessary stress. You can find research that strongly supports the benefits of assigning regular homework, some that denounce it as having zero benefits, with most reporting that assigning homework offers some positive benefits, but also can be detrimental in some areas.

grade class with 22 students, the responses regarding how much time their child spends on homework each night had an alarming disparity.

They view it as unnecessary overkill that often leads to frustration and causes students to resent school and learning altogether.

Parents are also divided on whether or not they welcome homework.

Failing to give them an appropriate amount of class time increases their workload at home.

More importantly, it does not allow the teacher to give immediate feedback to the student as to whether or not they are doing the assignment correctly.

In a self-contained class, a teacher assigns 5 multi-step math problems, 5 English problems, 10 spelling words to be written 3x each, and 10 science definitions on a particular night. There are a few critical academic skill builders that students should be expected to do every night or as needed. However, they may or may not, be factored into the total time to complete homework.

Teachers should use their best judgment to make that determination: 4.


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