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Happily, our school’s national and state rankings suggest it is academically top-notch.

Likewise, the individual schools, should have established homework policies, guidelines and compliance monitoring systems.

The Survey proposed in this article, if undertaken, should ensure that the policies are appropriate.

Established guidelines (such as the NEA and PTA guidelines cited below) and a system for monitoring compliance with those guidelines should also be delineated.

Feedback from students and parents should be expressly encouraged and reviewed each semester.

More is not necessarily better when it comes to homework.

A 2014 study showed that the impact of excessive homework on high schoolers included high stress levels, a lack of balance in children's lives and physical health problems such as ulcers, migraines, sleep deprivation and weight loss.Does your child's school agree with and comply with these endorsed homework standards?If so, how is compliance with these standards monitored?As the former Director of Compliance for a leading global money manager, I can tell you that establishing policies without procedures for monitoring compliance with those policies are as worthless in schools as on Wall Street.    The standard for homework, endorsed by the National Education Association and the National Parent-Teacher Association, is the so-called "10-minute rule" -- 10 minutes per grade level per night.That translates into 10 minutes of homework in the first grade, 20 minutes in the second grade, all the way up to two hours for high school seniors.What is the justification for such extreme levels of homework?Apparently some educators either: (a) mistakenly believe excessive homework benefits students and families or (b) are sadly out of touch with the amount of time students spend on homework assignments.For three days Governor Rick Scott warned residents to evacuate ahead of the Category 4 hurricane, grimly stating the storm was a "monster." “If you're in an evacuation area, get out," Scott said. While this teacher’s lack of judgment in a crisis was disturbing, the excessive amount and nature of homework assigned to elementary through high school students is a growing national concern. The subject was not personal safety but the need for students to get their homework projects done—that very day—before electrical power was lost and to “make a plan” to work on it with his/her partner prior to the weekend.and may not complete their homework until midnight or significantly later.It is widely acknowledged by students and faculty at the school that students are often sleep-deprived. As one parent put it, “I am concerned that the School District is supporting a level of workload that detracts from family time, opportunity for family involvement, intrudes on the time allowed for regeneration and clarity, and puts students at risk of stress, anxiety, and many other health issues.” I do not believe any parent is suggesting that the academic program at a school for the arts (or any other school for that matter) should be any less rigorous as a result of re-evaluating homework.


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