How To Get Kids To Do Homework

How To Get Kids To Do Homework-17
It’s natural for parents to be a bit more involved when young elementary school students are still new to the concept of homework.

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Set boundaries around which sites your child can visit, and determine together how much time actually needs to be spent surfing the web.

Let your child’s age determine how involved you are.

If your child spends time with an after-school sitter or in an after-care program, decide how much homework should be completed during that time.

You’ll also need to choose a location in your home where your child can work with minimal distraction.

Your child needs to be an active participant in this conversation, which will help them learn how to prioritize without you.

By the time children are in junior high and high school, parents should be largely removed from the nightly homework process.

Suggest and try different methods to figure out what type of learning works best for your child.

For example, if your child is struggling with algebra, try drawing a diagram or a picture to see if a visual representation will clear things up.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, first graders need up to 11 hours of sleep a night, while junior high and high school students need at least 8 hours.

Over time, without sufficient sleep, kids’ attention spans and abilities to concentrate are likely to decrease. If homework is interfering with your child’s ability to get enough sleep, it may be time to talk to the teacher about whether or not the volume of homework is reasonable. Kids learn in different ways and at different paces.


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