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The wealthy shop owner, Colonel Sherburn, on being taunted by a local drunk, Boggs, kills him.

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Twain’s use of irony helps him to satirize what he feels wrong, but it also serves as an important factor in rendering the plot more vibrant and realistic.

The mental dilemma encountered by Huck of whether to help Jim in escaping or not, is an instance of dramatic irony, for, though unknown to him, the reader knows that he is actually doing the right thing by not being repulsive to Jim.

The manner in which the Grangerfords and Shepherdsons follow the church practices serves as situational irony.

It is ironical that these two families, observing the underlying message of sharing brotherly love, enjoy the sermon, but at the same time, keep their guns “between their knees.”Huck’s inability to completely understand things make him comment in such a way that it results in a lot of verbal as well as Socratic irony.

Mark Twain uses satire to attack institutions and ideas in his novel.

He makes fun of religion, mob-mentality, and slavery.

Twain never liked romantic details, and thus the wrecked steamboat boarded by Huck and Jim is named as Walter Scott, suggesting the disintegration of romance in Twain’s time.

Twain next attacks the hypocrisy of his society through the untruthfulness of “a good Christian woman,” Miss Watson.

He mocks at the lack of respect shown by the Christians of his day, by narrating how a dog constantly barks during the funeral procession of Peter Wilk, thereby upholding the essential truth that ceremonies are after all useless if a man is not given true worth.

The ample use of superstitions by both Huck and Jim also highlight the faulty interpretation of religion.


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