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Writing a lit(erature) review requires research and planning.

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Yes, they are important if you are being graded on writing one, but they are important components of research.

Here’s why: As I have written about before, it is important to read the research on any topic you are thinking of studying.

As a systematic investigation to find conclusions and yo achieve facts, every scientific research builds on existing knowledge.

Unless one wants to change the wheel, precise awareness on the extent of wisdom on a subject is necessary to carry on research that adds value to the area.literature review for scientific research can be defined as a survey of scientific paper’s, scholarly articles, and all other systematic scientific sources similar to a particular Problem, field of study, theory, to include a description, summary, and critical evaluation of a concept, school of thought, or ideas related to the research question is Tested.

The review typically involves a search of any previously published or presented materials that might have relevance to a prospective new study.

If the point of a research project is solely to review what has already been written on a topic, the resulting article is termed a "survey of the literature" or a "literature survey" or even a "literature review." In this case, the article is complete in itself and does not delve into anything new regarding the topic.Key to a good Literature Review is to One of your first steps to starting a Literature Review is to go to the library and meet with a Librarian.Subject Librarians know about your area of study and can assist you in finding topics, books and databases to get your research started.This should not be confused with a book review or an annotated bibliography both research tools but very different in purpose and scope.A Literature Review can be a stand alone element or part of a larger end product, know your assignment.By Karen Sternheimer The core of any academic paper involves a literature review (heretofore known as a “lit review”), where you write about previous studies that are related to your own research.(We call previous research and writing on a topic “the literature,” and a synopsis of the literature is a “literature review.”) This is often a challenging process for students writing lit reviews for the first time.The importance of literature review to scientific research can be condensed into its analytical feature.The reach of its significance, though, is multifold.The following are reasons how literature review adds value and legitimacy to the study:he literature review also check the study by providing information on its relevancy and coherency to the existing knowledge and methods in research.In turn, it establishes the author’s expertise in the field and provides legitimacy to carry forward the wisdom of the area using scientific and systematic literature review while elucidating the continuance of knowledge, also point out areas that require further Examination and hence, aid as a starting point for future research.


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