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Examples of this work are copying definitions from a dictionary or writing the same line down hundreds of times.While this is less likely to encourage a student to think critically about misbehavior, it can provide a break for students who simply need time to cool off.Where there are attention-needy students, however, the group discussion might not be as effective because it could become a stage for such students to act out and try to get a response from peers.

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Then I slap a few post-it notes with pages numbers to complete.

The entire time, I’m thinking, “This is such pointless work.” I always feel guilty, but I feel like I have no options because I only have a few minutes to find work because I’m in the middle of class.

For example, disruptive students might have gotten into trouble for outbursts during class or speaking disrespectfully to an administrator, and the group discussion is a forum for students to share more appropriate responses.

Sometimes students need to see what their misbehavior looks like from another person to become critical of it.

Effective in-school suspension activities help students uncover the challenges they are facing in the classroom and develop strategies for better behavior.

Answering a written prompt, students can reflect on their disruptive conduct during in-school suspension.

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