Intrinsic Desert Thesis Kant

Intrinsic Desert Thesis Kant-89
The notion of natural or pre-institutional desert evaporates.Justice as the tendency towards equal distribution of primary goods replaces the classical notion of justice as giving each person his or her due (suum cuique tribuere).

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Louis Pojman[*] Justice is a constant and perpetual will to give every man his due.

The principles of law are these: to live virtuously, not to harm others, to give his due to everyone.

ca 200 AD) There is an ancient tradition, found in both the mainstream of Western philosophy and religion as well as Eastern thought (viz.

the doctrine of karma), that justice consists in giving people what they deserve - often rendered as giving each person his or her due.

‘Desert’ flourishes in a liberal society where people are regarded as rational independent atoms held together in a society by a ‘social contract’ from which all must benefit.

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Each person’s worth (desert) can be precisely ascertained - it is his net marginal product and under certain postulated conditions (which it is conveniently assumed the existing economy approximates) market prices give each factor of production its net marginal product.Our talents and abilities are products of the Natural Lottery (heredity, family, and environment).We don't deserve our talents, including the talent to be moral or make an effort to learn and work.Nagel argues that the morally right act is to move to the city for the sake of the handicapped child, thus promoting equality rather than overall flourishing.Robert Goodin illustrates the principle of overriding desert for need.Suppose two men have been in an automobile accident and have the same serious injury, but one is guilty of gross recklessness which caused the accident, while the other is an innocent victim.Who should get priority treatment in the emergency room?Even though philosophers like Rawls and Dworkin would disassociate themselves from some of the aberrations of rights rhetoric, their work has lent support to the proliferation of entitlement talk so that in our time whenever an interest group desires special recognition it claims a right: civil rights, women's rights, prisoners' rights, children's rights, gay rights, the rights of the handicapped, animal rights, the rights of nature, the rights to paid holidays, to medical coverage.Some parents have even claimed the right to retire from parenting small children.While some Affirmative Action programs are based on compensatory desert, most are to a large extent based on one of these three anti-meritocratic moves - either on the denial of the coherence of merit altogether (replacing the idea with a more therapeutic ideal of enabling everyone to be autonomous), the justified overriding of merit because of considerations of need, compensation, or utility, or the denial that we can really know who deserves what.The main rival to justice as desert is egalitarianism.


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