Japanese American Research Paper

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In formal terms, early Japanese American literature includes literary forms that readers more familiar with European contexts might associatewith early modernity, such as phrasebooks, essays on education, spiritual autobiographies, and diplomatic guides.

Legal prohibitions on sex-selective abortions are proliferating in the United States.

Eight state legislatures have banned abortions sought on the basis of the sex of the fetus, 21 states have considered such laws since 2009, and a... Census data found sex ratios among foreign-born Chinese, Korean and Indian immigrants were skewed in favor of boys, but only in families where there were already one or two girls.

more Legal prohibitions on sex-selective abortions are proliferating in the United States. These laws have been introduced and enacted without any empirical data about their impact or effectiveness. Using the variation in the timing of bans in Illinois and Pennsylvania as natural experiments, we compare the pre-ban and post-ban sex ratios of certain Asian newborn children in these states over 12-year periods.

The topography of Thai and Thai American female representation and gender performance on film has long been a haunted arena for discrimination and racist stereotypes.

As products of exploitable imagery, Thai female bodies are highly...

In linguistic terms, early Japanese American literary production includes works written in Japanese, English, and other languages, such as classical Chinese, German, and Russian.

In historical terms, the emergence of early Japanese American literature extends from travel narratives produced by castaways in the 1820s to the publication of full-fledged literary magazines and newspaper sections in the 1890s.

Highlighting the transpacific circuits among camptowns in South Korea and military bases in the United States since 1945, this article develops a portrait of the US South as a transnational militarized terrain, the camptown as a transpacific phenomenon, and Korean immigrant community formation as deeply intertwined with the happenings of US militarism abroad.

In doing so, it explains how the proliferation of illicit massage businesses witnessed by southern military communities in the 1970s was a transnational outgrowth of military prostitution encouraged by the US military in South Korea.


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