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In addition it can be chained, so the types of default assignments being performed above could be recreated.It's possible because logical operators in Java Script doesn't return boolean values but the value of the last element needed to complete the operation (in an OR sentence it would be the first non-false value, in an AND sentence it would be the last one).For example: Note that the assignment copies the original variable to the new one (assignment by value), so changes to one will not affect the other.

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Why is the assignment operator not exclusive in the brackets inside the "while" loop? Does it mean that everytime a variable involved in an assignment operator is written n times inside console.log(), it will return values 2^n(value) in my case?

I'm hoping for an enlightment for this one because I know that to master programming means to master the fundamentals themselves.

I reduced execution time from 5 sec to .5 sec (10 times) by simply switching to the first pattern for a loop with 900 iterations over a string $text that reaches 800K by the end.

PHP uses a temporary variable for combined assign-operators (unlike Java Script), therefore the left-hand-side (target) gets evaluated last.

We are going to use these two variables to show you the working functionality of all the Assignment Operators in Java Script Programming Language ANALYSISIn this Java Script Assignment Operators program, We declared 2 integer values a, Total and we assigned values 7 and 21 respectively.

) function evaluates to true, the overall value must be true.

It could also be used to set a default value for function argument.` post; the Javascript logical OR assignment idiom (Feb.


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