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Later, when she counsels Juliet to accept Paris as the better man, she earns Juliet's contemptuous rejection.On a happier note, the nurse also celebrates the sexual side of human relationships and especially marriage.He responds to Romeo's and Juliet's wants and needs with sympathy.

Lord Capulet plays a key role in the drama as head of one of two powerful feuding families whose influence over others results in multiple deaths.

Street fights involving everyone from servants to Romeo erupt for the sake of the Capulet family honor.

The daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet, and then wife to Romeo, Juliet is the youngest character in the play at 13.

As a female and youth, she is powerless to control her own fate.

Romeo meant that the days seemed longer because his love does not love him anymore.

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When Romeo said “This shall determine that” on page 534, line 118.

When Romeo says “I have a night’s cloak to fide me from their sight.” On page 510, line 80.

He meant that he will hide from everyone, just to see Juliet. For instance on page 500, line 67, when Capulet says “Verona brags of him.” When Lord Capulet said that it shows that he is well respected by Verona and its people.

Romeo is the type of person who loves everything except his enemies. Whenever he saw Juliet, he would tell her how much that he loved her.

If he saw another Capulet, he would try and start a fight or just leave them. When Romeo was sad about Rosaline leaving him, he said, “Not having that which makes them short” on page 484, line 152.


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