Leadership Teamwork Essay

“I often hear the collective groan of my students whenever I announce a group project,” says VP of Magas Media Consultants and Pace University associate professor Jennifer Lee Magas.

“Group projects seem to instill a horror in students like nothing else—and it’s understandable.” Much of the dislike of group projects comes from students not trusting their peers to pull their weight and place an equal amount of time and effort into the work.

Interacting with others in any setting will help you build your teamwork skills.

Having some experience under your belt can help you boost your hiring potential.

Whether you’ve had a bad experience working in groups in the past or you believe operating on your own is more efficient, there will come a time when working in a group will not only be helpful—but also vital.

Teamwork skills will serve you well in your future career, but it is also extremely beneficial during your time in school.

“It’s best for everyone to know truthfully what your schedule is like, how you function, what your best assets are and what you think someone else could do better.” This kind of communication is much easier to learn in a school environment then on your first project in a new job.

And it can save you lots of frustration, or even costly mistakes, later on.

But how do you showcase those soft skills to your potential employers?

“A common interview question is ‘Tell me about a time when you worked on a team,’” Zucker says.


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