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[tags: High school, Secondary education, School, College] - Throughout my life, I have learned many personal life lessons.One in particular is to appreciate and be thankful for those around you. I do my usual thing, take a shower, brush my teeth, and dress up.

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Since elementary, we had firefighters with huge red trucks, policemen with blue lights and stories about catching the bad guy, doctors showing us the shiny tools they use while doing surgery, and even zookeepers with a cute puppy or scaly alligator would come in to persuade us that the career they have chosen is a terrific career.

I always wanted to be the coolest person there but, once I grew up and went from fantasyland to reality world, I realized it is not about the cool guns, stethoscopes and suits that you can have, but it’s the time, and money, invested towards...

It’s not only reading from a textbook and listening to lectures that count, but also the life lessons and preparing yourself yourself for college and starting a career.

You might not want to think of high school this way, but it is the stepping stone for college.

Again, my brain worked its way back in the past thinking of the school policy. We were in the office and my teacher showed the picture to the principal.

Telling me what not to do, increased my ignorance to do the inevitable. Luckily there was that snaggy old pencil of mine lying there, laying right where I needed it to be, by the paper. It felt like it was pumping more blood then it needed to pump. I quickly picked up the pencil and started to think. My teacher grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of the door. The time it took to reach the principal’s office felt like a million years. The path we choose is very important; it gets us to where we are today, whether it was the right or wrong decision.For every path we take in life, there is a path not taken.I wish I would have made more memories with her and not been so quick to anger when she corrected me.Her passing away is one of the most traumatic events I have ever been through.I will never forget that night, but I learned something valuable....[tags: Family, Life, Death, Grandparent] - Life Lessons Given By Robert Frost Almost everyone has come upon a fork in a path, and not been positive which way to go. I ignored my cognizance and continued scrubbing my body. While I was taking a shower, I reminisced the time my third grade teacher talked about the school policy.


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