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Esquivel adds a touch of the fantastic by describing Tita’s bedspread as being big enough to cover the entire ranch.

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She must protect her family after her husband passes away.

Elena is a strong independent female character doing the best she can to raise her family during the Mexican Revolution.

Hence, Esquivel uses magical realism in this quote to exaggerate the characters’ emotions and convey this through a vivid metaphor.

Quotation: “The floor was shaking, the light blinked off and on…

Significance: The quote describes Gertrudis after she has eaten Tita’s quail in rose petals: feeling flustered by her arousal, she goes out to take a shower.

It is clear that it is an example of magical realism, as Esquivel is exaggerating the realistic notion of arousal to the point where it is unreal and magical.In Esquivel’s novel only women willing to break with traditional viewpoints and values are allowed in her kitchen.Tita, Gertrudis and Mama Elena are three strong women with different ideas about what their roles in life should be.Whenever her aching over Pedro or bitterness against Mama Elena kept her awake at night, she worked on making the bedspread, and by making it of such incredible proportions Esquivel conveys to her readers just how much Tita has suffered.The fact that the bedspread covers the whole ranch also conveys the notion that most of Tita’s life – and her troubles – have occurred on those three hectares.This emphasizes the relatively limited and isolated realm of the traditional Mexican woman’s Laura Esquivel seems like an unlikely source for a feminist novel because so much of the action takes place with women in a stereotypical traditional kitchen.Esquivel infuses magical realism into the chicken fight by turning an ordinary brawl into a literal tornado.On a deeper level, this chicken fight is metaphorical to the conflicts in the De la Garza house between Tita, Pedro, and a feminist novel complete with three strong female characters, magic and a few recipes.Mama Elena has taken over the role as head of household for the De la Garza family.


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