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Mr Ooi Chin Wah, told me that he was willing to help me if I had any questions.So I sensed a little bit of hope, I took up the challenge, bought the books, and started self studying.

We will form a 10 - 20 students study group for you that will meet on a regular basis with our teaching assistants in Math Gym.

We will help you to brush up on your basic Calculus knowledge at an early stage. Before coming to the review test, please read carefully the test guidelines. We will inform you of the result of this test - either pass or fail.

The syllabus has changed quite a lot, with the 4 chapters of statistics removed and placed in Mathematics T, some 10 chapters remained with minor changes, and the addition of quite a lot of University level Mathematics.

Unfortunately, this syllabus only lasted for 2 years: the Malaysian Examination Council has decided that Further Mathematics will not be offered as an STPM subject anymore with effect from May 2014. Q: Do you plan to update your blog, or reorganize to suit the new syllabus?

I looked up on the internet and realized the horror of the subject, and was about to give up (I even wrote that in my diary).

But somehow I met this retired teacher from Chung Ling, Penang on his website.

It wasn't easy though, even school teachers thought I was crazy. Re was one place which helped me too, as I had seniors there to ask questions for help.

Then there was also Ng Xin Zhao, whom I stumbled upon his blog, and found his blog helpful. Secondly, some chapters (especially the discrete maths and the statistics) I really haven't used for a long time, and had forgotten how to solve them.

September 5, 2019: On September 5, there will be a short review test in the first tutorial class that will cover many basic questions. If you receive an F grade, please talk to your session lecturer.

We will inform you of the result of this test - either pass or fail.


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