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The only late nights spent studying were the ones where she had an after school extra curricular or a job which kept her from completing it earlier.

Once the routine has been set and agreed upon, it is to be repeated exactly the same way day after day.

In the long run, it will become second nature for the student. Any routine should be flexible to meet those needs otherwise you aren’t any better off than before.

As time progresses, rewards will be given in wider intervals.

Eventually, rewards won’t need to be given as the behavior will be a new habit.

: Set goals and rewards for completing the routine.

At first, the the rewards will be given for completing the routine (or even one step of the routine) just once (today).

A mere 30 minutes is neither enough to get it done, nor very motivating for afterwards, since it just gives me the same feeling that there is no point since I now have unlimited homework again.

Plus, I can't take a fulfilling break without getting into something time-consuming. Usually work 20 minutes on easier tasks then take a 5-10 minute break to browse reddit, walk around, etc. Often times I continue working on whatever I'm doing past the 20 minute mark.

While there is much debate about whether homework is even beneficial, if you are required to assign it, I suggest encouraging parents to set up a designated spot for homework assignment work at home. My own children are both two very different creatures.

My oldest daughter, who is now a college graduate, was always really good about being self-motivated to come home after school, sit down, and get her homework finished before she did anything else.


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