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It is present in our homes, schools, and working environment.

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Without the help of tutors they are motivated to use the internet to gather the information, as a result they retain more that if they were taught.

Secondly, life long skills that are necessary for the job market are developed when they start using a computer at an early age.

The most damaging aspect of spending too much time online, is the use of phonographic materials that can devalue the values parents are trying to instill in their children.

These websites are everywhere online, even if your child is on an educational site they can pop up there as well ,and trying to close the site won't work, as they open automatically.

Despite these benefits some people argues that if children over used the internment the results can be quite damaging.

Children who spend quality time on the internment are exposed to a huge amount of information that can help them to improve their grades and complete research.Of course if you are writing about computers, the internet can be one of the ideas to discuss, but it is not just about this.You do have some good vocab and grammar but there are some noticeable grammar errors in places that will prevent you getting the higher score for grammar.Moreover, this can also lead to antisocial behaviour.If children spent too much time using the internet and less time acquiring skills necessary for social interaction they can find it difficult to communicate appropriately.It is present in our homes, schools and working environment.Children who used the computer daily are exposed to a wide Range of information that can help them academically, socially and professionally.On the other hand, there are long term effects that are associated with over use of the internet.These problem includes health issues like obesity, which can develop when children become addictive to the computer and decrease their outdoors activities.Without the help of teachers they are motivated to use the internet to gain the information, as a result they retain more that if they were taught.Also, the internet is used as a medium for communication, as social network such as twitter and Facebook are great ways for children and teenagers to communicate and express their feelings to friends and relatives.


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