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People even started reading my blog, where I’d occasionally work through some ideas I’d had about writing. editorial staff had turned over three of four times over the course of months, my new legit publisher’s distributor went bankrupt three days before my book was released, and I’d foolishly failed to choose a blogging platform that I could monetize with a million annoying ads.

But I’d spent fifteen years learning how to do that thing I woke up every day thinking about: and decided to give every submission some form of editorial feedback, which helped me work out my own ideas on the nature and structure of short fiction.

My life really changed in 1998 when I managed to save $300 to buy a used 386 that could actually run Windows. I’d been online since 1989 as a college freshman, so I knew my way around.

And I even had a clip thanks to that old My little left-wing book even found a publisher, a division of the University of California Press.

certainly pokes fun at capitalism—China Miéville called me “the People’s Commissar of Awesome” in his blurb—but it was capitalism who had the last laugh by promptly falling over and playing dead. Honestly, I suspect that I was the only person in publishing to get, rather than lose, a job in 2008.

And out here I met some people who led me to some people who introduced me to PM Press. You might call PM a small anarchist publisher, but really it’s a anarchist publisher. Mamatas affects your opinion of him or his work for the paper mill.*Consider what affect the medium (in this case audio as opposed to print) might have on the audience.When I’d post my theories on my blog, or link to a new essay I’d published elsewhere, I’d get comments reading, “You should write a book about writing one day.” In 2008, when capitalism shuddered and nearly collapsed again, a lot of people began asking me for advice on going freelance.They didn’t need advice on how to write a novel in a year, they had a car insurance payment due this month. As a writer, he’s always moving, always looking for the next gig or assignment, always finding a way to use what he’s got and push it to his own advantage.So it’s not terribly surprising that when he got a Big Idea slot to promote a new book, he went ahead and decided to promote two new books: , a new novel.They didn’t need subtle encouragement—write every morning before dawn in a cozy spot with a cup of tea and your favorite pen—they needed to keep the lights on.Basically, my friends and readers needed to know how to fix a story and sell it now; they needed to find some venue about a topic they were expert in, and get some kind of clip and some kind of payment from a magazine or journal, , various blog essays, and some new a mix of fictional blog posts, faux newspaper and magazine articles, text messages, police interrogations, personal correspondence and business letters, You Tube missives and performance art, the results of psychological examinations, you name it. We got the occasional please-don’t-blog-about-this-letter letter too.It’s a novel as collage, as told from the point of view of another species struggling to figure out humanity, while both controlling our world and directing our potential as agents of history. I’d moved to California and got my first ever full-time job at Haikasoru, an imprint dedicated to Japanese science fiction and fantasy in translation.


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