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It has also been shown that this inequality and social stratification can be linked to to anxiety, depression, drug abuse, and other stress-related disorders (Booth 2010).It is because of this constantly present inequality that I believe Ehrenreich’s book most accurately represents conflict theory.Structural-functionalism is defined as a society in which there are groups of people organized into levels that enable individuals in this society to find stability, order and meaning (Kimmel, Aronson, and Dennis 2011).

The working poor have to live day-to-day in hotels accumulating costs, where is would normally be cheaper to rent an apartment if they could simply afford the security deposit and starting utilities.

Without a semi-permanent shelter and rising debt, the working poor are usually forced to buy less healthy, more expensive meals because they don’t have the luxury of the appliances needed to cook and store food.

These inequalities have many effects on society at large (both wealthy and those in poverty), as well as the families within the working poor.

The economic inequality in our culture has many probable causes, but they all affect society as a whole, regardless of your class or status.

74).” This sort of paints a picture in the readers head as to how the company views and treats its employees: like they are mindless robots whose only purpose is to serve the business. The rich view the working poor as a group in society that is made to be taken advantage of, very similar to Karl Marx’ view of the proletariat.

In their eyes it fulfills the structural-functionalism paradigm of society-as many say, “someone has to do it”.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Instead there is the ever-present conflict between the rich and working class.It is shown by both Ehrenreich’s book and in the real world that the working poor are blocked from advancing in society by many different obstacles.These effects include things such as trust/social cohesion, crime/deviance, and population health (especially that of the working poor). One economist, a Joseph Stiglitz (2012), argues that this inequality has also led to distrust of businesses and the government.There is a correlation between income inequality in a society and general mistrust, demonstrated by a U. Crime is also a correlated factor in societies with a bigger economic gap.The video itself is slightly demeaning, almost as if made to be watched by young children.In one part of the video, the man giving instructions says “See, I am the vacuum cleaner (p.Unfortunately this is not the case, because the theory calls for all individuals in society to have stability and order in their lives.As evidenced by Ehrenreich’s investigation into the working poor, the last thing the working poor have is stability, therefore this theory is not an entirely accurate representation of our culture.


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