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The key idea is to construct a weighted average of control units, known as a synthetic control (SC), that minimizes imbalance of pre-treatment outcomes between the treated unit and synthetic control.Our main result is that synthetic control weights are numerically equivalent to inverse propensity score weights (IPW) with pre-treatment outcomes as covariates and heavy regularization of the propensity score model.

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Second, we directly apply existing results from the literature on estimating causal effects with high-dimensional covariates.

For instance, once we view SC as an IPW estimator, it is natural to consider an Augmented IPW estimator, combining the SC weights with an outcome model.

To this end, I will present a new Bayesian-learning inspired algorithm for online allocation problems, and show that it achieves the first horizon-independent and budget-independent regret bounds for online packing with stochastic inputs.

Surprisingly, the result stems from elementary tools - LP sensitivity and basic concentration of measures.

Efficient network reachability analysis using a succinct control plane representation Seyed K.

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He got his Ph D in ECE from UT Austin, following which he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Social Algorithms Lab at Stanford, as well as a technical consultant at Lyft.

The role of the propensity score in the synthetic control method Avi Feller, UC Berkeley Abstract: The synthetic control method is a popular approach for estimating the impact of a treatment on (typically one) treated unit in settings with many control units and observed pre-treatment outcomes for all units.

Allocating Resources, in the Future Sid Banerjee, Cornell Abstract: The online allocation of scarce resources is a canonical paradigm of decision-making under uncertainty, and is widely studied in many fields of engineering under a variety of titles (dynamic allocation/revenue management/prophet inequalities/etc.).

In this talk, I will re-examine the basic online allocation problem, with the aim of building bridges to the ever-improving predictive capabilities enabled by modern machine-learning methods.


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