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& there is no line between art / religion / science & all are to be aesthetically pure / ritually powerful / based on practical truth to enhance human life & there is a moral here somewhere i am sure of it & growing up i never foresaw myself being a religious person & that was because i did not understand what god really meant & this is not a man floating in space judging us / god is art / music / nine billion other names we use to survive & thrive & there is a hindu term: namaste & it means the reflection of god in me honors & respects the reflection of god in you & a lot of people use that only for people which makes sense though i challenge you to apply it to the other facets of your life / to search for god living in all things of this universe.

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Part of the ceiling of the gods in Rome " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ fit=510,284&ssl=1" / This was written by Gabe, one of our summer interns.

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"The Awakening" The Master is given less than a year to live after he suffers from heart failure.

He is frozen and kept at a secret place for a hundred years.

His father showed him the earth from moon’s surface and told him that earth was destroyed in a nuclear war.

The people living on moon have the goal to restore earth now as they are the last of human race.

From such homey touches, he led the climb to “Wilson’s Folly,” a plateau artificially leveled for a twelve-foot crystal pyramid “machine.” Its force field gave way, after twenty years of frustrated investigation, to an atomic assault which reduced the mystery to fragments.

The rest of the story is speculation, successive stages of Wilson’s inferences.

This “little joke” is followed by the narrator’s quiet punch line: “Twenty years afterward, the remark didn’t seem funny.” Humor of situation is evident throughout the story, from the concept of “administering” a galaxy to the discovery of the humans’ “handicap” of bipedalism from an abandoned portrait of a City Alderman.

The incongruity of the rescuers’ need for rescue is mirrored by the precision which allows the aliens an unflappable split-second escape but brings them there in the first place too late and with too little to do anything useful, then finds them baffled by relatively primitive communications devices and an automatic subway.


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