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After college, Nora went to New York to work as a “mail girl” for magazine.News magazines of that era did not allow women to write bylined articles; the most they could expect was to be researchers for the male journalists.So she adapted for the screen and co-wrote 1983's “Silkwood,” also starring Streep as the Kerr-Mc Gee employee turned activist.

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In the novel version of Because if I tell the story, I control the version.

Because if I tell the story, I can make you laugh, and I would rather have you laugh at me than feel sorry for me.

In “Everything is Copy,” he described the night they met: “We had this amazing conversation.” They got married and she moved to Washington.

When she was pregnant with their second child, she discovered he was unfaithful. As director Mike Nichols says in “Everything is Copy,” she cried for six months before taking her mother’s advice and writing a thinly disguised novel about it, the scathingly funny .

And that’s just the characters based on her life; her wit and insight are reflected in dozens of other characters she created as well.

Nora’s writer mother Phoebe taught her that “everything is copy.” Even as she was dying, she ordered Nora to take notes.

She remembered Dorothy Parker playing word games at her parents’ parties.

Nora dreamed of being the Parker-esque queen of a new Algonquin Roundtable: “The only lady at the table.

“In writing it funny, she won,” says Nichols, who then directed the 1986 movie version, starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson.

Streep called the book Nora’s “central act of resilience.” “She wrote herself out of trouble,” says her agent, Bryan Lourd. Although she had never intended to become a screenwriter like her parents, she found that it provided more flexibility for a single mother than being a journalist.


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