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It has come to a point where these sites are reviewed and rated based on different factors to provide users information on which essay writing sites to trust.Though these services are intended for professionals, like businesses, the affordable service charges have led to many students using them as well.

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They include students who don't take their writing assignments seriously, don't think the writing tasks are relevant to them, or aren’t confident about their writing skills.

Most teachers and professors would say that getting others to do one’s writing is cheating. Most essay writers simply make first drafts look nicer for a better grade.

Obviously, online essay writing services can cause some problems in the classroom.

First, the students are not doing their writing and never get the chance to improve.

If a student cannot write well by the time they graduate, then they are not a good student by many standards. As it is, students are under tremendous pressure to churn out several A-grade papers each semester.

Perhaps as a result of the importance given to writing in curricula, contemporary students are bombarded with essay writing assignments. As the pressure has mounted on students, they have, as always, found innovative ways to get around the problem.In recent years, online freelancing jobs have skyrocketed.A good majority of these freelancers are writers who offer services on specialty websites like, Unemployed, and Presto Teachers and professors are learning now that more students than they realized are using so-called “essay writing services” to get their work done.These online essay writing services are controversial, and whether they amount to cheating depends on whom you ask.What makes syllabuses so overwhelming that students end up paying anonymous people on the internet to get their homework done?Serious academics are measured largely by the writing they do.Students hire a freelancer to write an essay for them.The student may provide the classroom material for the freelancer.Some international students whose native language is not English may also seek these services.The relative ease when it comes to hiring a freelance writer may motivate students only to hire one every time they just don't feel like writing.


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