Persuasive Essay College Athletes Should Get Paid

Persuasive Essay College Athletes Should Get Paid-71
But, college athletes are not required to simply play sports 40 hours a week.Their schedule also includes a full-time college schedule that they must maintain if they want to stay in the school and continue playing college sports.

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If a student works 90 hours a week at their unpaid “job,” and then spends a further 10 to 15 hours at a paid job, then they are working around 100 hours each week for four years simply to be able to feed themselves adequately.

All of this happens while their coach will often make a comfortable six figure salary.

The NCAA often states that paying college athletes would destroy the competitiveness of the sport. The NFL pays its players based on their worth and their performance.

The tiered payments offered to professional players only motivate them to work harder to maintain their rankings.

Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Be Paid When the NCAA was founded by President Roosevelt in 1905, the institution was committed to the idea of not providing a salary or stipend to the student-athletes who took part in its organization.

It is based on the idea of amateurism, and this was a notable idea at the time.Whether in the press room or in the court room, the NCAA cannot seem to come up with a valid argument other than, “This is our tradition.” In the 21The average American full-time work contract usually stipulates that the employee will work between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM five days per week.Salaries are also usually based around a 40 hour work week.Today, sports and athletics in the NCAA draw in around billion every year for the organization.Its coaches and administrators make staggering amounts of money.But, over a century later, the NCAA is no longer recognizable compared to what the organization used to be.The NCAA has modernized to take full advantage of the new kinds of sports fans and especially the new kinds of media.If the average NCAA college football player in Division One spends over 40 hours a week on their game, then they are working the same amount as those in full-time employment do.These hours are distributed over training sessions, games, travel and other required sessions that student athletes must attend in order to remain on the team and keep their full scholarship.From high salaries to performance bonuses, it seems that the NCAA is a very profitable business considering it is a non-profit organization.Yet, despite all of this cash floating around, the players who make the organization work do not see any of this money.


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