Persuasive Essay Industrial Revolution

All that the worker had to be capable of doing was operating the equipment that was necessary for the production of the product.

Incorporating steam power into production made it possible to achieve physical tasks that would normally have taken multiple people or a team of animals to complete.

These individuals were part of an increasing interest in both scientific investigation and invention.

By pursuing their ideas, these scientists and inventors were able to lay the foundation and create machines that eased the use of business.

Workers were able to focus on completing a single task of the production stage, which allowed for a team of workers to cheaply and efficiently turn out a high volume of that product in a relatively short time frame.

These changes drastically altered the way in which production occurred because they allowed for many unskilled workers to be able to contribute to the production of certain products and the speed of production for said products increased astronomically.

When before a person would have to specialize in a specific job and know the details of working that particular job, they now were used in a factory setting where they had to focus on a single, usually menial task to accomplish. First, a worker could be easily hired, as they did not have to have a specific set of skills that were necessary for a job to be performed.

This meant that the potential group of individuals that could be hired for a certain job jumped up astronomically as the workers needed for factories were considered to be “unskilled.” This made it much easier for a person to find work, therefore.

They are: These three fundamental changes in the way in which people did business all played important roles in the way in which the Industrial Revolution occurred and shaped people’s lives for centuries to come.

With the invention of many machines that could do the work of hand tools at a quicker pace, individuals no longer had to specially trained to be a part of the production of a particular product.


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