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(B) Secondary impaction of the hamate and lunate bone in ulnar deviation (oblique arrow). (A) Sagittal 3D-GRE; (B) Coronal 3D-GRE; and (C) Coronal SE PD-WI FS. This underscores the need for a thorough posttraumatic joint evaluation.

SAS may have a negative impact on the three-dimensional hand positioning during daily activities [Radioscafoid and radiolunate abutment.

(A) Coronal SE T1-WI; (B, C) Coronal 3D-GRE; (D, E) PA plain radiographs; and (F) Coronal SE PD-WI FS.

(A, B) Sequelae of a Pouteau-Colles fracture of the distal radial epiphysis. (D) Destruction of the cartilage at the dorsal part of the sigmoid notch.

(E) Excessive shortening (horizontal arrow) after surgery (oblique arrows).

(D–F) Stylotriquetral abutment with flattening of the tip of the styloid process (D), bone marrow oedema and synovitis (E, F), and contrast enhancement of the marrow oedema and the synovitis (G). (A, B) PA plain radiographs; (C, D) Coronal SE PD-WI FS; and (E) Coronal SE T2-WI FS.

Pictorial Essay

(A) Ulnolunate abutment with a sclerotic defined impression at the ulnar side of the lunate bone.

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The secondary repetitive bony impaction may result in contusion [ SAS may give rise to complaints, sometimes appearing years after trauma.

The predominant symptoms are restricted motion and incapacitating pain, exacerbated by activity.


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