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With the use of fiber technology, your business will enjoy a level of reliability that exceeds what the competition has to offer.For the basic Fibr Biz package, it will be capable of reaching burstable speeds of up to 100 Mbps and for the top of the line plan, it can go up to 300 Mbps of high speed, uninterrupted broadband internet.Ideal for startups and new businesses, it provides a reliable and secured fiber connection with efficiently fast speed, running on PLDT’s premier fiber optic backbone.

By providing a compelling suite of multimedia services and solutions, Filipino families stay connected and can easily access quality entertainment at the comfort of their homes.

GO TO PLDT HOME WEBSITE → PLDT SME Nation draws inspiration from the unique Filipino entrepreneurial spirit, formed to boost and empower the small-, and medium-sized businesses that form the essential backbone of the Philippine economy.

PLDT subscribers (both new and existing) have another reason to celebrate the new year.

After offering faster internet speed plans as a special promo during the holidays, the largest internet service provider in the Philippines has finally made the speed upgrades into permanent plans.

The new Home Fibr plans: Plan 1299 — Up to 5Mbps (from 3Mbps) Plan 1699 — Up to 15Mbps (from 5Mbps) Plan 1899 — Up to 25Mbps (from 20Mbps) Plan 2899 — Up to 50Mbps The new Home DSL plans: Plan 1299 — Up to 5Mbps (from 3Mbps) Plan 1699 — Up to 15Mbps (from 5Mbps) Plan 2899 — Up to 20Mbps All plans come with a router/modem, landline, and either a 24- or 36-month contract.

Installation fees may vary, so be sure to confirm when applying.Or maybe you’re tired and fed up with the problems you have been constantly experiencing with your current internet provider, to the point that it’s already affecting your business in a negative way.Fret not as PLDT, the leading telecom provider in the country now offers a superior broadband solution fit for businesses and SMEs alike. PLDT Fibr Biz is SME Nation’s fastest shared broadband internet currently available in the market.“Our partnership with Samsung ensures that SMEs can now enjoy cutting-edge technology devices, elevating their business experience to a whole new level.Samsung, a trusted electronics leader is the ideal partner in providing seamless, fully customized business package tailor-fit for SMEs,” added Luna-Abelarde.Customers will be subject to a long-term lock-in period (24 months for Home DSL, 36 months for Fibr) once their application has been approved.Existing landline subscribers, according to the mechanics, must first settle their outstanding obligations within the promo period to qualify. (PLDT DSL/FIBR is available depends on your location) DSL UNLI 1299 5mbps 1699 15mbps 1899 25mbps FIBR UNLI 1299 5MBPS 1699 15MBPS 1899 25 MBPS Sa mga interesado po at gustong mag apply please pm me and send the following below...Are you starting your own venture and looking to find the right broadband for your business?If you’re looking to recontract, upgrade, or apply for a new PLDT Home connection, now might be the best time.Both the unlimited Fibr and DSL plans are part of the speed upgrade, so you can apply for whichever is available in your area.


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