Population Problem Essay In English

As women and families become wealthier and more educated, they tend to have fewer children, because children are not needed to help earn money for the family, and are often seen as road blocks in the way of educated women seeking careers.Every twenty minutes, the world adds another 3,500 human lives.

India has to accommodate sixteen per cent of total world population in 2.3 per cent of total land. It has started the family planning as early as immediately after the independence.

It was the first country to introduce family planning. So it is the need of the hour to realise the menace of population growth. The NGOs and media should come forward to create awareness in terms of population growth. Failure to check further increase in population may have disastrous effects.

Major steps which have been already implemented but still need to be emphasised more to control population.

Increasing the welfare and status of women and girls, spread of education, increasing awareness for the use of contraceptives and family planning methods, sex education, encouraging male sterilisation and spacing births, free distribution of contraceptives and condoms among the poor, encouraging female empowerment, more health care centres for the poor , to name a few, can play a major role in controlling population.

In the next hundred years, dramatic changes will occur as earth becomes a packed-tight world even more crowded and degraded.

It is likely to be hotter, with much more desert and less farming land.

The main concern is what can be done to solve the population problem.

Our population is growing at an enormously fast rate, not because people are having more children, but because fewer people are dying due to better health and longer life spans.

Every nook and corner of India is a clear display of increasing population.

Whether you are in a metro station, airport, railway station, road, highway, bus stop, hospital, shopping mall, market, temple, or even in a social/ religious gathering, we see all these places are overcrowded at any time of the day.


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