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Please note: Our student discount applies to everything except thesis binding.If you are getting your dissertation printed and bound (spiral binding “Comb”) we would recommend giving yourself as much time as possible, although printing and binding only takes 15minutes for an undergraduate dissertation we do expect on deadline days we will have queues! This ensures that the document you send us will print exactly as you see it on your own computer.

pays for the binding of this copy but not the printing within. Graphic Services can access files on the (UWO) repository Supply Graphic Services with a PDF file of your approved thesis, printed hard copy or you can print all your own copies and bring them to Graphic Services for binding.

If the thesis is less than ¼ inch thick, the spine title is limited to 45 characters.

Pages can be added and removed but the whole charge for the binding will be charged again for this as the metal wire is destroyed when unbinding.

Available in black & white, a clear front cover and backing card are included in the price. An excellent alternative for perfect binding, this is a permanent binding therefore pages cannot be added or removed.

– We do them as you wait but you may have to queue before we get to serve you.

London - Victoria we know what a headache it can be to get your dissertation, thesis or assignment printed and bound.Our express service for thesis binding is 1 working day, with an 11am cut off point.Eg, A thesis brought in on a Monday before 11am will be ready the following day at 1.30pm.For an in store binding service the page limits vary depending on the store.You can check page limits with the store before visiting by calling them, click on the link below to check your chosen store for their contact information.Pouches are available in black or white with a clear front cover. For a more professional and finished overall look wire binding is the one to go for.Pages can be added and removed but the whole charge for the binding will be charged again for this as the metal wire is destroyed when unbinding A more professional finish ideal for essays, reports & dissertations. Maximum number of pages is 280 (based on 80gsm), 248 (based on 90gsm) and 224 (based on 100gsm).All stores can order binding for the maximum amount of pages which can take anything between 2-7 working days.Please note, the prices below do not include the cost of printing your document, printing prices can be found here Turnaround times vary depending on how busy a store is, for live turnaround times please contact the store directly using our Store Locator Excellent simple and quick method of binding for any type of document.The majority of our stores offer a binding services for binding of essays, dissertations, reports, booklets etc.It's a fantastic way to create a professional and finished look to any document.


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