Problem Solving With Algebra

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Textbooks: Introduction to Algebra and Introduction to Counting & Probability by Art of Problem Solving.

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The perimeter of Tina's rectangular garden is 60 feet. So if this is w, then the length is going to be 2w.

If the length of the garden is twice the width, what are the dimensions of the garden? The instructors engage kids to solve tough math problems, and push them to think logically and come up with unique solutions, instead of following a memorized formula.I have witnessed many classes where students are given the opportunity to suggest multiple ways of approaching the same problem.We introduce students to the rich field of complex numbers, as well as to important common functions and concepts in discrete math.We continue the emphasis on challenging word problems from Prealgebra, so that students learn when and how to apply their new tools.In Algebra 1, students learn how to work with various types of expressions both algebraically and geometrically.They learn how to solve linear and quadratic equations and how to represent various expressions in the Cartesian plane.The problems here only involve one variable; later we’ll work on some that involve more than one.Doing word problems is almost like learning a new language like Spanish or French; you can basically translate word-for-word from English to Math, and here are some translations: Note that most of these word problems can also be solved with Algebraic Linear Systems, here in the Systems of Linear Equations section.Now let’s do some problems that use some of the translations above.We’ll get to more difficult algebra word problems later. Solution: We always have to define a variable, and we can look at what they are asking.


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