Problem Solving With Multiplication

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But before we do that, let's try estimating our product first. Some of the most common ones found in word problems requiring the use of multiplication include the following: Did you know…

If there were more numbers we would add more rows and continue to add more zeros.

For example, if there were a 4 in the hundreds spot (i.e.

Therefore, in order to know the number of miles he covers in total, we will have to multiply 80 x 2: Today we went to eat at an Italian restaurant which specializes in pasta.

It was difficult for me to decide which dish to order since there were 9 types of pasta and 11 types of sauce on the menu and you could combine any pasta with any sauce.

Therefore, with just the first type of pasta, we can get 11 different dishes.

Combining the second type of pasta with each of the 11 sauces, we could get 11 more dishes.

Analysis of the verbal productions of the subjects in this group during the learning exercises revealed certain factors related to the effectiveness of the method of intervention proposed in this research.

Long multiplication is a method used to solve multiplication problems with large numbers.

Word problems are fun and challenging to solve because they represent actual situations that happen in our world.

As students, we are always wondering why we should learn one skill or another, and word problems help us see the practical value of what we are learning.


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