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An analysis of politically buffered institutions in a contentious policy arena, Carolyn Jordan Bourdeaux Link Receptivity to change in the public sector: Two federal case studies, Willow Serene Jacobson Link Changing a policy field?Policy design and collaboration in early care and education, Jessica Elizabeth Sowa Link Legislation, administrative change and service provision in South African municipalities, 1995--2000: A study of institutional reform, Matthew Ronald Andrews Link Welfare king or drug lord: Are these the viable choices for unemployed young men?

If you want to come up with a brilliant topic idea for your dissertation, make use of the following helpful resources: If your chosen idea is too broad, narrow it down; tailor it to some geographical area or time span.

Conduct some preliminary research and consult with your advisor to get a properly formulated dissertation topic.

, Theresa Cecilia Heintze Link The economics, law and politics of subnational counter-cyclical fiscal policies: Testing the effects of budget stabilization funds and general fund surpluses on state expenditures in downturn years.

Evidence from American states, 1979--1999, Yilin Hou Link Local government debt policies: Do they make a difference?

Eisenberg Link Organizational Politics and Innovation in the Federal Reinvention Laboratories, James Richard Thompson Link Reshaping government bureaucracy: The politics of public personnel reduction in Britain, the United States, and Japan, Keunsei Kim Link Dynamics of functional status and nursing home use, Sarah Beth Laditka Link The impact of organizational culture on federal laboratory aggressiveness towards technology transfer, John Charles Mortensen Link The structure of large business group networks in Japan and Taiwan, Huei-Huang Wang Link Federal laboratories as industry partners, Karen K.

PDF Employee Engagement and Marginalized Populations, Brenna Miaira Kutch PDF Higher Education Reform in Oregon, 2011-2014: A Policy and Legislative History, Sean Pollack PDF Attaining a Sustainable Future for Public Higher Education: The Role of Institutional Effectiveness and Resource Dependence, Mirela Blekic PDF Governance in the United States Columbia River Basin: An Historical Analysis, Eric Thomas Mogren PDF Use of Media Technologies by Native American Teens and Young Adults: Evaluating their Utility for Designing Culturally-Appropriate Sexual Health Interventions Targeting Native Youth in the Pacific Northwest, Stephanie Nicole Craig Rushing PDF Oregon Physicians' Perception of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Use of Enforcement Discretion Related to the Use of Opioids in the Treatment of Chronic Pain, Robert Dale Harrison PDF Measuring Community-Engaged Departments: A Study to Develop an Effective Self-Assessment Rubric for the Institutionalization of Community Engagement in Academic Departments, Kevin Kecskes PDF The Value of Independence in Old Age, Paula C.

Developing public engagement strategies with regards to parking management within urban centres.

In 2013, Middlesbrough Borough Council announced that it would be reinstating free parking in an attempt to encourage greater numbers of shoppers, whilst a number of councils in the south-east have announced increased parking changes.

- "An analysis of campus violence threat assessment policy implementation at Michigan community colleges" (December 2016) Kristin L. - "Government sustainability and productivity: Moving forward." Hidayah, Noor - "Community satisfaction index 2016 research center for metallurgy and materials Indonesian Institute of Sciences (P2MM-LIPI)." Nirmala, Reny - "Indonesia e-government development index (EGDI) and its comparison between south-eastern Asia sub-region of United Nations members." Rosario De Leon, Hector L.

- "To promote or not to promote: An inquiry into the experience of female police officers and their decisions to pursue promotion" (June 2016) Beth M. - "Departmental crisis: Employee retention." Graciano Mota, Alexander - "Gender inequality: A case study of economic and hierarchic disparity in the Dominican Republic government." Helm, Angela M.


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