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Why do I have to agree to The [email protected] Submission Copyright Statement, and what does it say?In order to deliver written works and other copyrighted materials to the public, both Pro Quest and [email protected] must have consent from the copyright holder.These issues can be discipline-specific, and we recommend that you discuss them with your dissertation advisor.

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May I include copyrighted material in the version of my dissertation that I upload to Pro Quest and [email protected]?

If you have further questions on Fair Use parameters, Creative Commons licenses, copyrights and permissions, please feel free to contact the Office of the General Counsel, visit the General Counsel website, or consult the Pro Quest publication .

This is especially true when any student is planning to submit a dissertation for public access through online services such as Pro Quest or [email protected]

Remember, just as your copyright will be protected through public access, potential copyright violations are more apparent because of the higher visibility of the dissertation and the wider audience that it will reach.

If parts of your dissertation have previously been published, such as in a journal article or book, you will need to check the copyright transfer agreement of the journal or book that you signed at the time of publication.

The agreement may make explicit reference to your right to deposit in your institution’s digital repository, along with any specific guidelines to follow. Many major academic publishers now have clear statements about author’s rights on their websites, and many are generous in allowing their authors to deposit a version of a work in a repository.Students are again asked to refer to the CUA Copyright Guidelines and The CUA Explanation of Licenses and Copyrights for information on determining whether and how to seek permission for any copyrighted material such as images, charts, graphs, media, etc. If you have sought and been granted permission for such material, you should also be careful to review whether the permission obtained from the original author(s) is sufficient to enable to you to put your work online for open access.If you are concerned that third-party material exceeds Fair Use parameters, and you are unable to obtain sufficient permission to use it, you may need to remove such material from the deposited work as a precautionary matter.The SHERPA/Ro MEO site provides a useful compilation of many major publishers’ policies.Who can access [email protected] to search for and download my dissertation?Other reasons would be to satisfy requirements for review of grant-sponsored research, to protect data being utilized by a team of researchers of which you are a part, or to protect your ability to apply for a patent based on your research.It is important that you discuss any such considerations with your major professor, department chair or school dean prior to your deposit with Pro Quest and [email protected] publishers be willing to accept a book or article based on my dissertation for publication in my dissertation is already available at Pro Quest or [email protected]? Recent research (see here and here) also confirms that most publishers will generally not reject a submission based on prior publication as an ETD.Please see the “Advice to Graduate Students Based on the 2011 Publishers’ Survey” section of the first article for some practical advice about approaches to publication.What can users of [email protected] do with the content that I have submitted?Dissertations circulate to Catholic University borrowers with valid, updated library privileges, including students from other Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) schools.


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