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Quoting Articles In Essays Mla-77
When it comes to referencing numbers in parenthetical citations, do not include the word “page” or “pages” or the abbreviations “p.” or “pp.”—just the page numbers themselves.

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In other words, anything underlined below should be italicized in an actual citation.

General information about parenthetical citations The following instructions are basically the same for print sources and electronic sources.

As such, titles of books and larger works are underlined to help differentiate.

However, current MLA format requires italicizing book and other source titles rather than underlining.

This is often the case with governmental sources, which are published under the name of the government agency rather than with an individual(s) name. When using these, provide the page number where the actual information (be it a quote, statistic, etc.) appears in the original source.

Note: Internet sources might not have page numbers.For more information and example citations, see: Citing books, articles, and other sources parenthetically in your paper.For direct references, paraphrases, and quotations that are shorter than four lines, include the citation information in parentheses at the end of the sentence directly following any quotation marks and right before the sentence’s ending punctuation.– Two works by same author on list of works cited Frye connects Burgess’ ‘s themes and content, Frye’s unique perspective on the nature of genres sheds light on this unusual combination (“Rhetorical Criticism: Theory of Genres”).– Two locations in same source Dabundo deals with this problem (22, 31).– Two sources cited This controversy has been addressed more than once (Dabundo 27; Magny 69).– Personal interview; name given in text Parsons addresses the need for physical education teachers to understand the relationship between physical activity and fitness. – Quotation from a play with page numbers In , Walter doesn’t hide his disdain for his sister’s attitude towards his mother’s money: “the line between asking and just accepting when the time comes is big and wide—ain’t it!The in-text citations provide basic information and, essentially, refer readers to the Works Cited page where more information can be found.Information Needed in MLA In-text Citations: There are two main elements that must be included in all MLA in-text citations: 1. Note: If there is no individual author named, there will often be a corporate author, which refers to the name of the group/agency/company that published the original information. Any print source (newspaper, magazine, journal, book,etc.) will have a page number.Use a comma between the last name and the title of the source if both appear in the parenthetical citation.The parenthetical information should not repeat information given in your text (e.g., if you mention the author’s name in your text, you include it in the citation).


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