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My hope is to help people – especially those researching medical issues – find the information they need without spending thousands of dollars to do it.

My hope is to help people – especially those researching medical issues – find the information they need without spending thousands of dollars to do it.

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In past articles, I’ve mentioned that I spend much of my career poring over scientific and medical research.

This is equally parts invigorating and frustrating.

As someone who has skipped this step before, let me warn you – few things are more frustrating than spending hours tracking down a research paper, only to find out it doesn’t actually discuss what you want.

In my experience, the best place to start is almost always Pub Med. Pub Med is incredibly comprehensive; as of October 2011 it has indexed more than 21 million records going back to 1809, with another half-million articles added every year.

Pub Med is a free research database service provided by the U. Because Pub Med is so comprehensive, many other science and medicine search services use it to fuel their own engines (EBSCO, Google Scholar, Ovid, etc).

The Pub Med homepage has a search bar at the top – type the topic of your search there, then hit Enter to see what turns up.Unfortunately, the cost for accessing that article is USD.For that price, you may as well buy a 330-page non-fiction book on the topic (which was published late last year, so it’s even up-to-date).Google Scholar indexes research articles from standard indices like Pub Med, then cross-references those articles with Google’s massive database of regular web pages.This cross-referencing comes at a trade-off – on the one hand, it will generally return many more articles than a comparable Pub Med search.The first says “[HTML] from” and the second says “[PDF] from”.These little boxes are Google’s way of notifying you that they think they’ve found a full-text version of this particular article.PMC is an outgrowth of the National Institute of Health’s goal to make all publicly funded research available to – imagine this – the public. 2764 was passed, requiring NIH-funded research to be made publicly available within twelve months of publication. For that, we need to turn to something a little broader.Originally, researchers funded by the NIH were encouraged (but not required) to make their research publicly available. I try to avoid political commentary on my site, but I’m not afraid to say that H. 2764 is one of the few unilaterally great pieces of legislation George W. Step 2 – Google Scholar Google Scholar ( is a specialized version of Google’s regular search tool.However, a lot of those extra discoveries will be irrelevant websites, questionable corporate marketing materials that like research, alternative medicine books, and an occasional patent or legal opinion.The big advantage Google Scholar has over Pub Med, however, is if a free copy of a research article exists anywhere on the web, Google will usually be able find it and associate it with its actual paper. Below is a screenshot from a Google Scholar search for “Alzheimers Disease Coffee.” I chose this search term because a growing body of research has associated coffee intake with a reduced risk of Alzheimers Disease, and I wanted to learn more about it: If you look to the right of the search results themselves, you’ll notice that two lines have a additional light blue link.


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