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This gives teenagers the impression that life is one big beauty competition, and gives them problems with their self-image and self-esteem.It endorses competition and lack of actual success by defining success as beauty.

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Almost 75 percent of the respondents had viewed the program regularly for interest and/or for educational reasons; significantly more people who said they watched for education could recollect parenting techniques than those who said they watched for entertainment.

There is research that has proven that reality TV does in fact impact how young girls see real life situation as well as their daily life values.

When Kim Kardashian was getting ready to have her baby, she wasn’t preparing her bags, she was on the phone making sure her hair and makeup artists could make it out to make her look pretty during labor.

Outline: Research Paper: Reality TV and its influence on the younger generation I. Media has a huge impact on how people truly see themselves, particularly in women and young female teens.

Reality television has made the standards of beauty quite high these days and there is a definite change in society’s view on what is truly beautiful.


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