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Differentiation is key when it comes to ruling with any business, especially in the crowded music landscape.

Differentiation is key when it comes to ruling with any business, especially in the crowded music landscape.How much money you need before you begin is up to you.I can’t quote you an exact figure because it will vary widely based on your goals and aspirations.

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Will you stick to a certain city or geographic location?

Perhaps you want to be known for promoting the best new acts in a certain genre?

First, is this record label going to serve just you and your art or is it your intention to sign other musicians and bands?

Either answer is fine but it should probably be one or the other.

Of course, just because you’re not necessarily going to be behind the microphone (or maybe you’ll be doing that as well?

More cynical types might disagree but here’s why I think it’s a good idea: the music industry always needs more passionate people to get involved and learn the ways of the business.Instead, they are often music lovers who simply want to help promote great music that isn’t receiving the attention they believe it deserves.While it’s a wonderful and admirable goal, it doesn’t necessarily make for a solid business plan — just ask the thousands of label owners who have seen their companies disintegrate not long after creating them.Be honest with yourself here because it would be a shame to work hard and commit funds to something only to realize later you were doing it for the wrong reasons.Finally, what will separate your label from the hundreds of thousands of others out there?Many who get into the music industry aren’t necessarily known as brilliant business people but if you want to survive, you’re going to need to be smart about everything you do.When it comes to running a company, the first thing that’s an absolute must is coming up with a business plan.), it doesn’t mean you’re going to have an easier go of making a living.In fact, creating your own venture while doing anything connected to music can be incredibly tough and unless you’re really willing to give it your everything, don’t sink any real resources into the project to begin with.Do you want to start your own record label but don't know where to start?Are you worried that by not having a professional looking business plan for your record label, you will not attract investors?


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