Red Badge Of Courage Theme Essay

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This serves as a rule to measure Henry's growth during the second day of fighting.

This serves as a rule to measure Henry's growth during the second day of fighting.

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But when the enemy charges again, he is shocked that another battle is happening so soon and refers to the enemy as "dragons." This shows his lack of maturity and experience with battles.

The reality of war conflicts with his Homeric views of war and heroism, and he flees in terror, along with other men.

In Chapter 5 after Henry's first battle, he is stunned to see the blue sky: "the youth felt a flash of astonishment at the blue, pure sky and the sun-gleamings on the trees and fields.

Henry is usually surprised by the beauty of nature after being enveloped in the smoke, dirt, and grime of battle.

He showed a quiet belief in his purposes and his abilities.

And this inward confidence evidently enabled him to be indifferent to little words of other men aimed at him." The ability to be indifferent is what sets Wilson apart from how he acted previously.It was surprising that Nature had gone tranquilly on with her golden process in the midst of so much devilment."When Henry is fleeing, he throws a pinecone at a squirrel, which runs up a tree to safety.He takes this as a sign that he did the right thing by fleeing in the face of danger, "feeling that Nature was of his mind."The trees provide protection and cover for the men.While everyone is thinking about what they will do in war, Henry was thinking of how is he going to react when he goes to the battlefields. He said, no matter what happens he will not run from a fight.Two of the other guys in the army had about the same courage as Henry, but none of them ever said that they will not run away.In Henry's first battle he stands and fights and is proud of himself.In doing so he feels a brotherhood with his fellow comrades.However, by this point, they are no longer "fresh fish," "mule drivers," or "mud diggers." Henry is a confident, battled-tested man who no longer fears the enemy or death, so the rain does not dampen his spirits: "he turned now with a lover's thirst to images of tranquil skies, fresh meadows, cool brooks—an existence of soft and eternal peace." The underlying message of the theme of nature is that life continues, even in the face of death and the intense brutality of war.The theme of courage in is that all people possess varying degrees of courage and that courage can come and go depending on the situation and on how a person perceives the impending danger.This gives him the mental strength to lead the charge, to encourage his comrades when they lag behind, to work with Wilson and the lieutenant as a team, and to ignore his personal danger for the betterment of his regiment.He realizes he was a hero but does not know how he did it.


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