Redefining Luxury A Review Essay

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The objective is to produce the optimal results at an affordable, reasonable price.In many of our target properties, basic renovations were last completed in the 1980s and in the spirit of minimalism.This way, these buildings are subject to similar criteria of living quality and comfort.

As a rule, we only regularly participate in tendering by invitation.

I think it is a good method for customers who want to map out their options, but I do not like to tender.

In 1987, he established his own office, Lacaton & Vassal Architectes, together with Anne Lacaton in Bordeaux, the town where he studied.

The agency currently employs approximately 15 architects.

Under the conditions in France, this is an energy-efficient solution even on the walls facing north.” “Our employees impact the practical aspect of design work.

Particularly young designers like to use the most recent IT applications, while some others prefer traditional tools.The projects often failed to improve living quality or increase the residents’ living options – at worst, and regrettably often, quite the contrary was the case.We have designed new rooms, balconies and external elevators for many apartment buildings at a very moderate cost, highlighting the diversity of housing and increasing apartment user options.We also think about references, and I am constantly trying to find good, functional solutions in our environment. At the beginning of my lecture I talked about the Interbau apartment designed by Alvar Aalto in Berlin.Those beautiful apartments coil around the balconies.Our suburban apartment building projects do not comprise basic repairs.Rather, they are transformations specifically intended to add spaciousness and outdoor access from apartments.Our goal is to maximise comfort, to provide a kind of everyday luxury.Luxury does not mean fancy construction materials or expensive plumbing fixtures, but spaciousness, diverse usability and the availability of options.Unheated balcony zones, winter gardens, have become the most diversely exploited and most used facilities in such buildings.The energy-efficiency of the buildings has simultaneously improved, with a new zone outside the building’s frame.


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