Reflective Essay About Childhood Memories

Reflective Essay About Childhood Memories-65
I also got to walk down the beach and find different objects that the waves had washed up on shore.

I even found a creature that looked like pink jelly.

I picked the creature up with a stick and took it to show my dad.

People create different memories according to their age, social status and the environment around them.

Therefore, one of the best memories is created during someone’s childhood because children do not have a lot of things to worry about.

The ocean had large waves that would come crashing into the beach.

Critical Essay On The Tempest - Reflective Essay About Childhood Memories

I was so small that the waves would just throw me around.

The changes in demands and the overwhelming feeling that comes with increased responsibilities in life cases a child to seek the refuge that they need from their childhood memories.

The reason to this is that most of the childhood memories are dictated by a care free world whereby an individual has little to no responsibilities to worry about such as providing for a family or going to work.

As well, children get a lot of attention from the people around them.

In addition, the emotional memories that a child goes through have less impact on their life because their mind is still developing and have less ability to remember what they go through.


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