Research Paper On Gender Discrimination

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Yavorsky found that discrimination for men was greatest if they applied for middle-class jobs that are more often associated with women.

She also found that women have an equal chance with men of getting entry-level jobs in middle-class occupations that are normally held by men.

The jobs dominated by males were manufacturing and janitorial at the working-class level and financial analysis and sales at the middle-class level.

Men were called back for the male-dominated working-class jobs 44 percent more often than women were.

Study from a University of North Carolina Charlotte researcher finds gender discrimination against both men and women when they apply for jobs typically filled by the other sex.

But there are differences at various stages of hiring process.

To be part of the study, a job had to be at least 65 to 70 percent dominated by one sex, Yavorsky said.

And it had to be an entry-level job where a general resume could be used.

The so-called feminine traits in her experiment included being friendly, cooperative, or teamwork-oriented.

Communication skills were associated with women, she found, while strength and mechanical ability were coded as being more masculine.


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